Variant subtag request: iso91995

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at
Sun Sep 19 08:47:33 CEST 2010

What about the general scheme in which one 
combines the language prefix (e.g., ru-) and the 
translit/romanisation subtags (-).
For ISO, the 'iso' and 4-digit year would do, as 
there were no other major ISOs for that, it 
seens. Also for ISO 9, at least for the East 
Slavonic languages, you'd want to discriminate 
on the basis of "ISO table" used. Similarly, for 
other translit./roman. standards, the code for 
the standard family, the year and the optional 

So, you'd have:
ru-iso1968, ru-iso1995a and ru-iso1995b (Tables 
A and B);
ru-gost1971 ;
ru-lalc97 (this is from memory) ;
ru-sci... ;
be-un2003 (what UN Work Group on Romanisation 
accepts; btw, I might be wrong on this specific 
year) ;
be-inst2007 (from the name of the standard 
document: "Instruction on transliteration...").
ru-bgnpcgn or be-bgnpcgn would consume 
'8-letters', so, possibly, it'd better to make 
those 'ru-geo1947' or, say, 'ru-enge/ru-eng'.

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