North Frisian dialects

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Fri Sep 17 10:16:56 CEST 2010

* Doug Ewell wrote:
>John Cowan <cowan at ccil dot org> wrote:
>> In the case where the tag is based on a name not appearing in the
>> description, that name should appear, thus:  "Description: The
>> Soel'ring dialect of North Frisian (also called Syltring)"
>> Note that in the Registry itself, "oe" in Descriptions should become
>> a proper "?", since the Registry is now UTF-8.

(Indeed, originally I wanted to note that in the draft, but it turned
out saying "oe is always ö" does not work for the Goesharde dialects,
so I'll have to find some alternative if I go forward with the draft;
I am not sure if people would like this to become an RFC.)

>  Description: The Söl'ring dialect of North Frisian (Syltring)
>  Description: The Söl'ring (Syltring) dialect of North Frisian

That's a good point, and I take it this is the favourite form, so I will
adopt that. I am not sure what the primary name should be though, it can
be "Solring", "Sol'ring", "Sölring", and "Söl'ring" (in english texts
all the forms are common, in standard german the latter two, and text in
the dialect uses the latter two, but Söl'ring appears to dominate.) And
for some of the dialects it is uncommon to identify the dialect by name,
someone speaking Mooring will probably call it "frasch" (frisian). Is
there an established convention for that, or a preference on this list?

>Off-topic rant: why does the digest still clobber non-ASCII characters?

Perhaps because John's mail used `Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64`.
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