Proposed new variant subtag: pre1917

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Sep 14 17:18:58 CEST 2010

Avram Lyon <ajlyon at ucla dot edu> wrote:

[subtag value]
> I think I would prefer the value "petrine" over "grazhdan", despite having submitted a request for the latter, since "grazhdanskii shrift" is the reform in letter shapes that was contemporary with, but not the same as, the Petrine orthographic reforms.

[Description field]
> The first of these ("Petrine orthography") would work well for me.

I can submit a updated form with these changes, if you like, or you can
do it.

> For the post-1917 (1918) orthography, I'm still happy with "shakhmat", although I'd be glad to hear other suggestions.

We will still need a registration form, with a suitable Description
field and references, for the modern (post-1917/8) orthography.

> These two subtags would cover my present needs for orthographic variants; I will be submitting some new requests for romanizations of Cyrillic in the near future.

I'm sure we will have lots of fun there.  Proposals to tag romanization
schemes usually generate plenty of lively debate.

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