Proposed new variant subtag: pre1917

Avram Lyon ajlyon at
Wed Sep 8 07:38:13 CEST 2010

Dear IETF Languages members,

I am writing to request a new variant subtag, as described in the form
below. I hope that the description below is sufficient; I have found
that I will need such a subtag in order to meet bibliographic
requirements that sometimes require the use of the post-1917
orthography, and there is not yet a way to tag pre-reform text as
using the previous orthography.

The decree that established the new orthography is available in
Russian online at
; essentially the same information is available at
<>, under the heading
"1918 reform".

I have noted a prefix of "ru"; it is conceivable that someone might
also use this tag with the prefix "orv", as Old Russian texts are
sometimes presented in the new orthography (see, for example, the
Monuments of the Literature of Old Rus' [Памятники литературы древней
Руси] series, which employs facing page translation (to modern
Russian) and transliteration (to the post-1917 orthography) for
various works from the 11th to 17th centuries.

If there are any questions about this request, I would be happy to
provide additional information about the requested variant and the
uses I have in mind for it.

Best wishes,

Avram Lyon
Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures
University of California, Los Angeles

   1. Name of requester: Avram Lyon
   2. E-mail address of requester: ajlyon at
   3. Record Requested:

      Type: variant
      Subtag: pre1917
      Description: Russian orthography prior to the 1917 orthographic reform
      Prefix: ru

   4. Intended meaning of the subtag:
This variant subtag is intended to apply to text presented in the
Russian Civil Script, after the Petrine orthographic reforms of 1708
and before the December 23, 1917 orthographic reform.
   5. Reference to published description
      of the language (book or article):
Декрет Наркомпроса РСФСР от 23.12.1917 года «О введении нового
правописания», published in «Газета Временного Рабочего и
Крестьянского Правительства», № 40, 23.12.1917 [Decree of the People's
Commission for Enlightenment of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist
Republic on 23 December 1917 "On the introduction of the new
orthography", published in the "Newspaper of the Temporary Workers'
and Peasants' Government", No. 40, 23 December 1917]
   6. Any other relevant information:

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