suppress-script values for fil, mi, pes, prs, qu members

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Oct 21 12:07:30 CEST 2010

On 21 Oct 2010, at 01:49, Peter Constable wrote:

> How have I not shown actual need? 
> I've identified a set of languages without s-s fields for which ll-CC (e.g. quz-PE) tags _are_ in use in _real_ implementations, hence setting up exactly the same conditions for these languages that made the compelling case to create all the existing s-s fields. 

You just said that MS localizes into quz. Not the other forty. And unless there is some danger that quz will be tagged with Cyrl or Hans, what is the "actual need"?

> I've pointed out that we are working on _real_ implementations that need to be able to compare tags of the form ll with tags of the form ll-Ssss (e.g. quz and quz-Latn), or tags of the form ll-CC and tags of the form ll-Ssss-CC or ll-Ssss (e.g. quz-PE and quz-Latn-PE or quz-Latn).

So you want to add subtags here to plug a leak based on the way you have "really" implemented. Surely your implementation can compare strings in a table without having to parse them. 

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