suppress-script values for fil, mi, pes, prs, qu members

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How have I not shown actual need? 

I've identified a set of languages without s-s fields for which ll-CC (e.g. quz-PE) tags _are_ in use in _real_ implementations, hence setting up exactly the same conditions for these languages that made the compelling case to create all the existing s-s fields. 

I've pointed out that we are working on _real_ implementations that need to be able to compare tags of the form ll with tags of the form ll-Ssss (e.g. quz and quz-Latn), or tags of the form ll-CC and tags of the form ll-Ssss-CC or ll-Ssss (e.g. quz-PE and quz-Latn-PE or quz-Latn).

There is _real_ content getting tagged for these languages, and you yourself that script subtags are redundant and unnecessary, and it's the very information that would actually declare them to be redundant and unnecessary in these cases that I'm suggesting we add.


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On 20 Oct 2010, at 22:02, Doug Ewell wrote:

> My understanding was that Peter's requests were directly related to language tagging needs: written content tagged "qub" should be considered equivalent to "qub-Latn" because Huallaga Huánuco Quechua is written overwhelmingly in the Latin script.

But he hasn't shown any actual need for adding an s-s. It's all very vague.

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