Language Variant subtags for Sanskrit

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Wed Jul 14 22:01:05 CEST 2010

On 14 Jul 2010, at 20:46, Phillips, Addison wrote:

>> I am tending to think that "classical" is a category that could and
>> should validly attach to a variety of prefixes.
> This is at variance with your previous preference that subtags be specific.

Not really. "Western" and "Eastern" and "Academy" are too specific, but "Classical" could validly attach to a variety of SPECIFIED prefixes. We have seen a list already. 

> Also, the meaning of the adjective "classical", as Peter Constable explains it and as I understand it, varies quite widely between different languages.

I have only two items from Peter on this thread and both are terse statemsnts without such an explanation. Did I miss something? Or are you citing someone else?

> Classical Sanskrit is a particular language (flavor). Classical Latin is a very different particular language flavor, etc.

I don't follow you. 

> I'm not generically opposed to generic variants.

I typically am. But perhaps not here. I am not sure.

> But I think this one may be dubious, as it may come into conflict with specific language variations that could be understood to be "classical" in some contexts.

Such as?

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