Language Variant subtags for Sanskrit (was Language Variant subtags)

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Wed Jul 7 05:26:53 CEST 2010

CE Whitehead cewcathar at 
Tue Jul 6 01:54:39 CEST 2010 
> Prefix: he (Biblical or Classical Hebrew  . . .
My mistake:  [hbo] is Ancient or Classical Hebrew and so perhaps there is no need for a 'classic' variant' -- unless you want to distinguish particular variants of [hbo] or something and even then I am not sure 'classic' would be the best name.
Latin and Arabic could however perhaps both use 'classic' variant tags;
and maybe Kryptonese (omitted that as I know really nothing about it).
However I do tend to oppose a generic 'classic' and would prefer thus that a subtag be chosen that just applied to Sanskrit.
(But if we do push for a generic variant I am going to push for prefixes and then as specific descriptions as possible.)
--C. E. Whitehead
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