SUBJECT: ISO 639-3 changes, part 1

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Jan 31 02:16:20 CET 2010

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> I agree with Doug--we can do with just one update to the registry,
> but it's o.k. with me too to send this list off first (entirely new 
> subtags)
> and then the next and then the next (to have three updates, Entirely 
> New Codes, Retirements and Creations from Code Splits, Updates [of 
> names, etc])--
> just so long as we don't send more than three separate batches.

I'm not sure what's special about the number three, but I agree that the 
number of batches sent to IANA should be kept to a minimum.

The first batch sent to this list consisted of 15 records.  The batch 
corresponding to "Retirements from other than normal split of a language 
code element" will have around 10.  Some of the other categories in the 
639-3 document are larger, and I was planning to split them into smaller 

> As far as Doug's records go, I mainly checked spelling of names and 
> whether there were extension language records.

Please check your terminology.  In BCP 47 we have "extensions" and we 
have "extended language subtags" and they are two entirely different 

> All looked o.k.
> (One question:
> ...
> "   Description: Lengua de Señas del Paraguay
> ...
> I did not know they had a right to a description field in Spanish???
> But Mauritian sign language does not get a name in French or Creole!

I took the Description fields directly from the 639-3 data files, as I 
did when building 5645.  You will notice that 639-3 (and thus the 
Registry) already have several examples of sign languages whose names 
have been translated into other languages.  I don't know the RA's 
reasoning for doing this for sign languages, and only for some of them, 
and not for non-sign languages, but there have been lengthy and 
passionate arguments that we must follow the ISO standards, at least 

> (Finally, does Doug want any help transcribing any of the requests??? 
> Or is that absolutely something no one else does? )

There's no law that it has to be me.  Nobody else has really volunteered 
before.  if you'd like, you can try creating records and registration 
files for the first "Retirements" category on pages 1 and 2 of the 639-3 
document, and posting them here.  Keep in mind all the 5646 requirements 
that have to be met.

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