SUBJECT: ISO 639-3 changes, part 1

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I agree with Doug--we can do with just one update to the registry,
but it's o.k. with me too to send this list off first (entirely new subtags)
and then the next and then the next (to have three updates, Entirely New Codes, Retirements and Creations from Code Splits, Updates [of names, etc])--

just so long as we don't send more than three separate batches.

As far as Doug's records go, I mainly checked spelling of names and whether there were extension language records.
All looked o.k. 
(One question:
"   Type: language
"   Subtag: pys
"   Description: Paraguayan Sign Language
"   Description: Lengua de Señas del Paraguay
"   Comments:
" . . .
I did not know they had a right to a description field in Spanish???
But Mauritian sign language does not get a name in French or Creole!


This is not what we can discuss at this point in any case.)


(Finally, does Doug want any help transcribing any of the requests???  Or is that absolutely something no one else does? )


--C. E. Whitehead
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