ISO 639-3 releases list of 2009 changes

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Jan 22 15:01:14 CET 2010

ISO 639-3/RA has released a new set of changes for the 2009 change 

As the home page indicates, 83 explicit changes have been made in the 
ISO 639-3 code set.  This will probably translate to roughly, but not 
exactly, 83 changes in the Language Subtag Registry.  Registration forms 
and proposed records for each of these will be posted to this list in 
accordance with BCP 47 requirements.  This will probably happen over the 
next few weeks, sooner if I look under a rock and find some unexpected 
spare time.

Of possible interest to this list, based on earlier discussions: Latvian 
was converted to a macrolanguage (encompassing Latgalian and Standard 
Latvian); the corresponding requests for Lithuanian have *not* yet been 
approved, but are still pending; and Auriongx was rejected.

Since this announcement will likely cause some individuals to notice 
certain ISO 639-3 requests for the first time, please note that this 
list is not the venue to protest that a given change should not have 
been made, or a decision should have been made differently.  The correct 
approach would be to submit a request to ISO 639-3/RA, although it would 
have been far better to comment during the comment period.

Likewise, the Reviewer (with our help) is required to cause these 
changes to be reflected in the LSR, unless a conflict would ensue (e.g. 
a clerical error on the part of the RA would result in a duplicate or 
invalid subtag).  It is not for us to decide at this point whether we 
agree or disagree with the RA's decisions.

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