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Marion Gunn mgunn at egt.ie
Thu Jan 21 12:35:10 CET 2010

Further to the above, please find below a msg I sent to ISO 639-3 admin 
today (copied here for the info of IETF readers and and for fwding to 
any other list on which they think might be found experts interested in 
advancing this application, or helping to shape it effectively).

Thank you so much, Joan. I am passing your response (below) to list 
OLD-IRISH-L, where the matter was raised.

I am already on record as of the opinion that a certain text is not Old 
Irish as we know it and Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle has proposed that it be 
encoded with a new ISO code different to that used for Old Irish, 
namely, as David Stifter posits, as a primitive form of Irish. That is 
progress indeed in the space of a few weeks.

Peter Constable of Microsoft rightly reminds us that the onus is on the 
proposers to make the case for a new code to tag such texts as 
"Primitive Irish" and the webform for a new ISO 639-3 proposal has now 
to be filled in following Joan Spanne's specific instructions (below) to 
the letter, with a copy to NSAI to put on record there the date of 

Since it is normal for the proposer to suggest an appropriate code. I 
would tentatively offer Caoimhín the suggestion of using "fga" for 
"Fréamh-Gaeilge", if he so chooses, to tag David's text on the SMO 
website, pending a decision from the relevant RA. Something such as 
"Réamh-[Shean]-Ghaeilge" might be preferable, but I can see that "rga" 
is already taken and consider "Fréamh-Ghaeilge" good enough to serve 
(unless "fga" is already reserved, though the RA website doesn't list it 
as already taken, or otherwise inapplicable, and/or others have better 
suggestions as to a more appropriate code).

Le dea-mhéin,

Scríobh ISO639-3:
> Hello Marion,
> I see no reason why this should pose any procedural problem in going 
> through the ISO 639-3 request process. The request should include both 
> the Change Request form and the New Code Element Request form (the 
> "change" is that adding a code element changes the standard as a whole).
> Best regards,
> Joan Spanne
> SIL International
> ISO 639-3 Registration Authority
> iso639-3 at sil.org


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