Preferred Values for Irregular Tags

Mark Davis ☕ mark at
Wed Jan 20 02:58:36 CET 2010

Now that the dust has settled with BCP47, I'd like to revive the older
discussion (from the Ltru list) of what to do with the grandfathered codes
that have no PreferredValue. After that discussion, I can file some forms
based on the result.

Why do this? Well, at Google we convert anything that has an irregular
format to a regular format. The vast majority of the grandfathered codes can
be converted, but these few outliers can't. So our choices are to map to the
"closest" real code, or toss the information. No matter that these are of
very little importance, we'd like not to toss information. My suggestions
are indicated with with ***; other suggestions are welcome.

Type: grandfathered
Tag: cel-gaulish
Description: Gaulish
Added: 2001-05-25
***Preferred-Value: xtg // most likely Gaulish being meant
Type: grandfathered
Tag: en-GB-oed
Description: English, Oxford English Dictionary spelling
Added: 2003-07-09
***Preferred-Value: en-oxedict // with proposed new variant
Type: grandfathered
Tag: i-default
Description: Default Language
Added: 1998-03-10
***Preferred-Value: und // I doubt that this group would approve this, but
it is probably what we'll map to, so just FYI
Type: grandfathered
Tag: i-enochian
Description: Enochian
Added: 2002-07-03
***Preferred-Value: xxx // Ask for new code from 639-3. This is a bizarre
invented language, but there is precedent for invented languages.
Type: grandfathered
Tag: i-mingo
Description: Mingo
Added: 1997-09-19
***Preferred-Value: see-mingo // Ask for new variant from this group
Type: grandfathered
Tag: zh-min
Description: Min, Fuzhou, Hokkien, Amoy, or Taiwanese
Added: 1999-12-18
Deprecated: 2009-07-29
***Preferred-Value: nan // since nan includes Min Chinese
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