Variant subtag proposal: H?gnorsk variety of Norwegian

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Jan 6 15:23:50 CET 2010

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> I personally would be fine with a comment that 'hognorsk' is closer to 
> [nn] than to bokmal. and with info. about what dialects are most 
> prevalent in 'hognorsk', in [nn], versus in 'bokmal'--in the comments 
> on the 'hognorsk' variant--if that does not violate any tradition 
> (obviously hognorsk is closer to [nn] since we chose the [nn] prefix).

This would be warning people against doing something we don't have any 
indication they want to do.  The question as I understood it (and 
originally posed it) was not about intentionally using 'hognorsk' to 
represent Bokmål, but about using it with 'no', which can refer to 
either Bokmål or Nynorsk.

As I and others have said, we don't currently include comments telling 
people what not to do, and I think trying to do this would be a mistake. 
I also don't think we should try to provide encyclopedic information 
about "what dialects are most prevalent" for any language.  There are 
enough encyclopedias out there already.

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