Variant subtag proposal: H?gnorsk variety of Norwegian

Leif Halvard Silli xn--mlform-iua at
Sun Jan 3 21:57:31 CET 2010

Doug Ewell, Sun, 3 Jan 2010 13:29:34 -0700:
> Leif Halvard Silli 

><målform at målform dot no> wrote:

Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't think that the string _before_ the "@" 
should be treated as punycode even if it looks like punycode.  Even if 
it would have been nice if the same encoding system could have been 
used both before and after the "@".

>> One question may then be whether 'zh-yue' is "better" than 'yue'.
> A really good question, without a single best answer.  But not 
> particularly helpful in the Norwegian context, because the extlang 
> syntax is not available for Norwegian as it is for Chinese:
> For Cantonese (Yue), you can use "zh" or "yue" or "zh-yue".

Once 'hognorsk' is registered, it becomes possible - even if not 
preferred - to write 'no-hognorsk'. Using 'no-hognorsk' would then have 
some of the same pros and cons as 'zh-yue', IMHO. 

> For Bokmål, you can use "no" or "nb", but NOT "no-nb" or "no-nob".

Indeed. :-)
leif halvard silli

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