OS X interpretation of 'no' (was: Re: Variant subtag proposal: Høgnorsk variety of Norwegian)

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sun Jan 3 06:02:14 CET 2010

Leif Halvard Silli <xn dash dash mlform dash iua at xn dash dash mlform 
dash iua dot no> wrote:

> But anyway, I accept that 'no' can contain Bokmål - and only Bokmål 
> for that matter. And of course, only Nynorsk as well. I just don't 
> accept that a resource tagged as 'no' should be presented as 'Bokmål' 
> to users.

I concur with Randy that this is a complaint against something Apple has 
done with the OS X user interface, and has nothing to do with the 
'hognorsk' discussion or anything else under the control of this list.

Note that the IETF Language Subtag Registry, in keeping its Description 
fields consistent with ISO 639 names, makes no claim that 'no' should be 
presented as Bokmål:

Type: language
Subtag: nb
Description: Norwegian Bokmål
Type: language
Subtag: nn
Description: Norwegian Nynorsk
Type: language
Subtag: no
Description: Norwegian

> I don't complain that 'en' resources in Mac OS X, from Apple's hand 
> are filled with US English content and that it is presented as 
> 'English' - no more or less - to the users. But I would complain if 
> these 'en' resources with US English content were presented to users 
> as 'US English'.

It is discouraging how many supposedly locale-aware applications and 
sites equate "English" with "U.S. English" and "French" with "French 
French," and how many others go the opposite way and treat "Spanish in 
Central and South America" as though it were a completely different 
language in each country.

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