ISO 639-3 changes: Latvian and Bontok

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Doug, I am in agreement with Kent on these; If I were you I would say 'lav'/'lv' as it is [lv] that you have registered as a macro-language--in fact I think the macro-language has to be two-character but in the 'other relevant info' field you should specify both codes. Otherwise you've got it right; you should use [lv] for the macro-language field in the record.

  "This registration tracks a change made to ISO 639-3 effective
   2010-01-20, reclassifying 'lv'/'lav' (Latvian) as a macrolanguage
   encompassing 'ltg' (Latgalian) and 'lvs' (Standard Latvian)."


(I hope I've got this right.)


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