Records and registration forms for BQ, CW, SX, AN

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> Kent Karlsson <kent dot karlsson14 at telia dot com> wrote:

>> (for AN)
>> >   Comments: see BQ, CW, and SX
>> BQ is (now) part of the Netherlands, while CW and SX are not (IIUC).
>> Maybe that need not be mentioned in the registry, or should it?

> Perhaps the BQ entry could include:

> Comments: see also NL

> I'm wondering how relevant this political detail is to language tagging,
> considering the distance between Europe and the Antilles.
I don't think that at present this has much influence on the variety -- so it's up to you.
However, thanks for checking on  (French part) and (Dutch part) -- I think this information should be included.
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