Records and registration forms for BQ, CW, SX, AN

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Dec 17 23:54:50 CET 2010

Kent Karlsson <kent dot karlsson14 at telia dot com> wrote:

> (for AN)
> >   Comments: see BQ, CW, and SX
> BQ is (now) part of the Netherlands, while CW and SX are not (IIUC).
> Maybe that need not be mentioned in the registry, or should it?

Perhaps the BQ entry could include:

Comments: see also NL

I'm wondering how relevant this political detail is to language tagging,
considering the distance between Europe and the Antilles.

> We already have:
> Type: region
> Subtag: MF
> Description: Saint Martin
> Added: 2007-11-02
> The description here does not say "(French part)", which I think it should
> have said. See page 3 of

Good catch.  I should ask the MA about that one too.  As with SX, they
have not been consistent about when they include the bit in parentheses
and when they do not.

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