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I was not talking about the particular case of Ulster Scots. I'm happy with
that proposal, as revised. I was talking about the general principle that
Doug was discussing.


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> Mark Davis â?? scripsit:
> > But for for the prefix model of BCP47 to work well, the obvious "parents"
> of
> > V should be registered. For example, suppose that I wanted to register
> > Beckmeier's orthography of Valley Girl English (as opposed to Tedesco's
> or
> > Humphrey-Brookrock's). It doesn't mean that I need to have Tedesco's
> > or Humphrey-Brookrock's registered also, but it does mean that I should
> > register Valley Girl English, so that we can have en-US as a prefix
> > for valygirl, and en-US-valygirl as a prefix for beckmeie.
> Quite so.  However, the current (2 April) proposal says "The Ulster
> dialect of Scots", without reference to orthography.  If the intended
> user is willing to let dialect imply orthography, then that should be
> good enough.
> There are, after all, works written in the U.S. dialect of English using
> British orthography -- not only pre-1828 ones, but the occasional anomaly
> like my edition of Ursula K. Le Guin's _Powers_ (2007), which for some
> reason (though it claims to be printed in the U.S.) uses a number of
> British spellings as well as many American ones.  Nevertheless, people
> normally use en-US for both the distinctive dialect and the distinctive
> orthography.
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