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Tue Apr 6 19:58:46 CEST 2010

Mark Davis ∰ <mark at macchiato dot com> wrote:

> But for for the prefix model of BCP47 to work well, the obvious "parents" of
> V should be registered. For example, suppose that I wanted to register
> Beckmeier's orthography of Valley Girl English (as opposed to Tedesco's or
> Humphrey-Brookrock's). It doesn't mean that I need to have Tedesco's
> or Humphrey-Brookrock's registered also, but it does mean that I should
> register Valley Girl English, so that we can have en-US as a prefix
> for valygirl, and en-US-valygirl as a prefix for beckmeie.


I think this is now moot with regard to Ulster Scots, because Michael
has amended his request for 'ulster' to be for the dialect and not the
orthography, as that turned out to be the distinction he really needed. 
That supports the prefix model, because if a need arises down the road
to tag different orthographies of the Ulster dialect of Scots, it will
now be possible to make the prefix "sco-ulster".  So everything worked
out fine after all. :)

> Just in terms of usability as well, we want to have the more general form
> available as well as the more specific.

Exactly, which is why "sco" by itself will continue to mean "Scots" with
no additional assumptions as to dialect or orthography.

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