Language subtag modification form for 1694acad (Was: Flavors of Hepburn)

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Sep 30 14:46:09 CEST 2009

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> I believe the reason there is no date listed for "Early Modern French" 
> is that it persisted a bit later in the 'New World' than in the 'Old.' 
> (In the old it did not  persist much past 1660; in the new it 
> persisted in some degree until near the end of the 17th century!)   I 
> feel I should now insert "ending late 17th century" or something into 
> the description field??  Wouldn't that be a better solution?

My point, at least, was not that we need a "solution" to revise existing 
tags to add more detail, but that sometimes the existing descriptions 
are adequate.

In particular, "early modern" versions of modern languages are going to 
be somewhat fuzzy (to use Randy's term).  Almost by definition, they 
morphed into the modern form at different times, depending on who the 
speakers and writers were.  There will be a lot of text samples which 
will be difficult to pin down as either "fr" or "fr-1694acad", and I'm 
not sure how trying to assign an ending date to the subtag solves that 

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