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I believe the reason there is no date listed for "Early Modern French" is that it persisted a bit later in the 'New World' than in the 'Old.'  (In the old it did not  persist much past 1660; in the new it persisted in some degree until near the end of the 17th century!)   I feel I should now insert "ending late 17th century" or something into the description field??  Wouldn't that be a better solution?


(I don't mean to take attention away from the current request for [hepburn] but Doug's message,  made it obvious that the description field for [1694acad] was not so precise as was that for [1606nict].)




My modification form request is below.

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   1. Name of requester: C. E. Whitehead
   2. E-mail address of requester: cewcathar at
   3. Record Requested:

      Type: variant
      Subtag: 1694acad
      Description: Early Modern French (ending late 17th century).
      Prefix: fr
      Comments:  17th century French, as catalogued in the "Dictionnaire de
l'académie françoise", 4eme ed. 1694; frequently includes
elements of Middle French, as this is a transitional period
   4. Intended meaning of the subtag:
   5. Reference to published description
      of the language (book or article):

* Dictionnaire de l'académie françoise. 4eme ed. (1694).  Paris/ARTFL Project, University of Chicago.
Retrieved online 2006-2007: 

* Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe. (1984).
"Fenelon's Letter to the French Academy:
with an introduction and commentary".

* Ayres-Bennett, Wendy. (2004).
"Sociolinguistic variation in seventeenth-century France:
methodology and case studies".
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2004.

* La Salle, M. S. (de la Salle le jeune, Nicholas). (1682/1685).
"Relation de la decouverte que M. de la Salle a faite
de la Rivière de Mississipi en 1682
et de son retour jusqu'a Quebec
et aussi de son voyage de France dans le golfe Mexique
pour aller chercher l'embouchure du Mississippi en 1684
qu'elle me fait donnée par le jeune M. de la Salle".
Texas Treasures. Texas State Library & Archives Commission.
Retrieved online 2006-2007:

   6. Any other relevant information: Language in French text may vary widely in the 17th century.

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