Proposed records and registration forms for Japanese variants

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On Thu, 17 Sep 2009 22:24:53 -0600 Doug Ewell wrote:

> While comments can, of course, be made at any time during the review
> period, I guess I'm surprised that objections are only now being raised
> to the Description fields, 11 days after they were first posted.

I also have a somewhat belated comment:

As the variant subtag "hepburn" is all about romanization, could its
Prefix field look like this:

Prefix: ja, ja-Latn

The tag "ja-hepburn" would be a shorthand equivalent to "ja-Latn-hepburn".
The shorthand equivalent only makes sense in environments that are
informed on the meaning of the subtag "hepburn". In other environments the
explicit tag "ja-Latn-hepburn" is to be preferred.

The same would hold for other subtags that specify the type of romanization.


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