Proposed records and registration forms for Japanese variants

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Sep 17 14:48:36 CEST 2009

Kent Karlsson <kent dot karlsson14 at comhem dot se> wrote:

> Apparently ISO 3602 defines two transcriptions, so for kunrei this is 
> not specific enough.
> For nihon, there is no standard called ISO 3602 Strict. ISO 3602 may 
> define a "strict" transcription, but saying "in ISO 3602 Strict" is an 
> improper reference.

Apparently the terms "ISO 3602" and "ISO 3602 Strict" do appear to be 
well understood.  Unfortunately, a Google search turns up the Wikipedia 
pages, a number of sites where I can order a copy of the standard, and a 
ton of pages from the knockoff sites that simply parrot Wikipedia's 
content, change the layout, and add advertising.  Lots of hits no longer 
translates to lots of information.

> Since I don't have a copy of ISO 3602, I'm not sure what the best 
> resolution would be, but something in the line of
> "... as defined by the non-strict transcription method of ISO 3602"
> and
> "... as defined by the strict transcription method of ISO 3602"

I hope someone with access to an actual copy of ISO 3602 will come 
forth.  ISO wants USD 48 for it.

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