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Doug is right; for my purposes metadata is the solution.
However I have no real objection to an extension that might distinguish a machine translation, a human translation, and a gloss.  But the 'from language' and translation date are probably best indicated as metadata.  I have questions about where the translator/machine translator should be indicated--normally file creators/document creators are indicated in metadata, right?  Or am I wrong about this?


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CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

>> Personally, I'd like to be told when I retrieved a document whether it 
>> was a human translation or machine translation or original, and if 
>> either of the former, where the original was lodged--if it is lodged 
>> online, and particularly so before I put the document through an 
>> online translator.  (For example, if I retrieved a document translated 
>> from French to English with a machine, and I were a native speaker of 
>> French, and I put it back through a machine to get a French version, 
>> that would be ----- dumb, I guess.)
>> The w3c's policy for translations--requiring at the top or bottom of a 
>> document (in a header or footer that 'wraps' the document) a statement 
>> indicating that a document is a translation, the the original document 
>> is the normative version of the document, and with the URL of the 
>> original document--does result in this information's appearing in 
>> search results (this is helpful!).  I've not been able to locate much 
>> about translation policy otherwise online but note that joomla 
>> translations does have a translation policy:

> All the complexity described here does tend to imply that BCP 47 
> language tags might not be an appropriate place for declaring 
> "translated mechanically" after all.> I hope some of the feedback on this list is being relayed back to > Debbie's colleagues who requested this in the first place.  > . . . > --
> Doug Ewell  |  Thornton, Colorado, USA  
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