Korean romanizations (Was: Japanese transliteration: ja-Latn-hepburn)

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at comhem.se
Sat Sep 12 21:32:08 CEST 2009

Den 2009-09-12 21.03, skrev "Doug Ewell" <doug at ewellic.org>:

> I am not talking about embarking down any slippery slopes.  We have
variants for Chinese romanizations and are about to register variants 
> Japanese romanizations.  It's not unheard of to discuss Chinese, 
> and Korean issues together (I believe there's even an 
initialism used to
> refer to those three) and I thought it would be 
helpful to think about Korean
> romanizations while our minds were focused 
that way.

I agree.

> Apparently Randy feels
> we should not draw from experience in 
this particular way, so I guess we'll
> wait until someone comes with an urgent, pressing business need to tag Yale
> or McCune-Reischauer, and 
then we'll engage in this lengthy "generic vs.
> specific" debate all over 

No requester so far has been interrogated as to any "urgent, pressing
business need" w.r.t. their requests, and I see no reason to start now.

    /kent k

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