Korean romanizations (Was: Japanese transliteration: ja-Latn-hepburn)

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sat Sep 12 21:03:28 CEST 2009

Mark Davis ☕ wrote:

>>> Geez, all I had in mind for Korean was registering the three most 
>>> common romanizations, which anyone familiar with Korean could name 
>>> off the top of their head.
>> I would suggest that you just submit the appropriate registration 
>> forms to the list. I don't think there is the requirement that the 
>> submitter promises to "start using the subtag for the submitter's 
>> immediate needs", nor that the submitter has been using the variants 
>> for which subtags are requested. I think the subtags you allude to 
>> here are useful enough to be registered.
> No, but what I'm afraid of is that then someone else will say, well, 
> we might as well do Thai romanizations, and then Lao, and then 
> Russian, and then... There is a pretty unending supply of these 
> things.
> 1. "Are useful enough to be registered"
> 2. "Are useful enough to be registered, and someone has a need for it"
> I'm just saying that as a working process, #2 gets people what they 
> need, and is manageable by this group. #1 would completely swamp this 
> group.

I am not talking about embarking down any slippery slopes.  We have 
variants for Chinese romanizations and are about to register variants 
for Japanese romanizations.  It's not unheard of to discuss Chinese, 
Japanese, and Korean issues together (I believe there's even an 
initialism used to refer to those three) and I thought it would be 
helpful to think about Korean romanizations while our minds were focused 
that way.  Apparently Randy feels we should not draw from experience in 
this particular way, so I guess we'll wait until someone comes with an 
urgent, pressing business need to tag Yale or McCune-Reischauer, and 
then we'll engage in this lengthy "generic vs. specific" debate all over 

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