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Fri Sep 11 06:00:30 CEST 2009

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> ...the Reviewer ... is expected to be an expert as well as a referee, much more than 
> (say) a WG chair.  His or her opinion on technical merits does count more than yours 
> or mine.

I certainly don't see that stated anywhere. Rather, 3.2 of RFC 5646 states:

   Qualified candidates
   should be familiar with BCP 47 and its requirements; be willing to
   fairly, responsively, and judiciously administer the registration
   process; and be suitably informed about the issues of language
   identification so that the reviewer can assess the claims and draw
   upon the contributions of language experts and subtag requesters.

Note: the Reviewer needs to be informed enough to make use of the contribution of experts, not to make unilateral choices.


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