Machine Translation

Peter Constable petercon at
Fri Sep 11 05:52:53 CEST 2009

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> I think our goal in deciding on a particular tagging mechanism should be 
> which mechanism fits best, not which is easiest for us to implement, or 
> guesses about one being more likely to be used by end users than the 
> other.  

But fits __what__ best?

We need to know what use scenarios this would be for. If it's all about hypothetical possibilities -- whether as a variant subtag or as an extension -- then I am not in favour.

> I thought Debbie's colleague(s) expressed the use case rather clearly. 
> They want to be able to distinguish between Welsh written by a human 
> and Welsh generated by a machine, and filter out the latter for one 
> reason or another.  

If that's the use scenario, then an extension is overkill: there's no need to distinguish between different kinds of sources if it's all going to get filtered out the same.

(This is not a vote in _support_ of anything; only a vote against an extension if the intended use scenarios are what has been described.)


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