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Thanks to Frank Bennett for the URL (; this is helpful!

As he has noted, on a quick review of the words transcribed at the above URL, there seems to be a lot of similarity between Revised Hepburn, traditional Hepburn (except that the n's and m's are transcribed differently, it seems), and the typical U.S. transliterations of Japanese words; however there are also some other variants that seem to use similar transliteration systems--I suppose that it would be nice to know exactly what the subtag 'hepburn' is meant to stand for thus--if that is possible.


In any case it is nice to have the ['hepburn'] subtag no longer stand for just the revised Hepburn transliteration.


(Sorry for my confusion earlier--I take it that the system used by roads is not revised Hepburn apparently??  in spite of the 'n's and 'm's)




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