Revised request: Japanese transliteration variants

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Sep 3 05:48:34 CEST 2009

Keeping Randy's "never mind" in mind...

> I'm a little puzzled.  I *thought* the request was to register a 
> *specific* one of the various flavors of Hepburn, leaving open the 
> possibility that others might someday want to register other flavors 
> of Hepburn.

I thought Frank's intent was to register a subtag that *could* be used 
for one of the flavors of Hepburn, the most common one, and mentioned it 
in the Description and cited references to it in the registration form, 
but was not necessarily restricted to use with only that one.  Removing 
the word "revised" from the Description solves the problem.  That's why 
these review periods are a Good Thing.

> Earlier examples in this thread indicated that there were contexts in 
> which a specific Hepburn flavor would be required, which would lead me 
> to conclude that there is a need to distinguish at least that 
> particular variety from "generic Hepburn".

The indication from Frank actually was that specifying a flavor beyond 
simply "Hepburn," at least in his context, would be done in a rather 
ad-hoc way, so that finer-grained tags wouldn't help.

Frank's most recent proposal appears to satisfy everyone's concerns, 
including of course his own, and I'd like guidance as to whether the one 
registration form needs to be split into three or whether a single form 
can be submitted to IANA for these three.  Section 3.5 doesn't quite 
cover this.

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