Variant request: Japanese modified Hepburn

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Sep 1 06:06:22 CEST 2009

Phillips, Addison scripsit:

> This probably should have the prefix "ja-Latn". Are you using Hepburn
> in contrast to some other scheme? As the predominant romanization,
> it may not require its own subtag. The tag "ja-Latn" would presumably
> imply Hepburn.

There are at least two other major schemes, per Wikipedia (there are

	nihon-shiki (ISO 3602 strict), which is a straight transliteration
	of kana

	kunrei-shiki (ISO 3602), which is a morphophonemic modification
	of the above adapted to modern pronunciation.

In any case, there's certainly no ban on registering just a single
variant subtag, anyway; the others can be registered later as needed.
I do think that the Prefix should be ja-Latn, though (remembering that
this is just a recommendation, not mandatory).

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