Language subtag modification form for 1694acad (Was: Flavors of Hepburn)

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> CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> > Actually, having a date will help to precise the variety, but thank 
> > you for your correction; in Canada and France, although accents are 
> > normalized by the end of the saweventeenth century 'oi' for 'ai' 
> > persists throughout the 18th century; and, at least in 
> > Canada/Louisiana/New France, I believe that 'oy' for 'oi' persists as 
> > well as 'parolle' for 'parole'--'speech' (this latter is strictly 
> > orthographic I think).
> >
> > The variety of "Early Modern French" that I described ( 'oi' for 'ai'; 
> > the past participle ending with e and the accent aigu being spelled 
> > without any accent as ez, er, or e, depending; 'loing' for 
> > 'loin'--'far;' 'coste' for 'cote'--'side'; finally, before a 't', e 
> > with accent aigu may be spelled 'es' as may e with a circumflex!) 
> > however seems to end largely around or just before 1700.
> > ...
> > A quick check at atilf suggests that 'oi' continued to be used for 
> > 'ai' until the end of the eighteenth century actually:
> This research is actually helpful to prove my point, that the various 
> attributes ascribed to "Early Modern French" died out at considerably 
> different times depending on the source, and that this language variety 
> is better defined by these attributes than by trying to specify strict 
> starting and ending dates. I recommend no change.
Hmm, I would like a more precise description.  "Early Modern French; its features include alternate forms for the past participle, 'oi' for 'ai,' and 'oste' for 'o[with circumflex]te.'"
However I am sure that this description field is a bit long, so we can postpone this for now--and worry about the other subtags we are considering.
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