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Wed May 27 14:54:02 CEST 2009

Thomas Goldammer <thogol at googlemail dot com> wrote:

> Btw..., what is about my request on Erzgebirgisch of (IIRC) March
> 2008? I didn't hear about it for quite a while... I actually do want
> it to be tagged to [vmf] because that's the linguistic affiliation and
> for those who know both varieties and also [sxu], it's obvious anyway.

It hasn't been forgotten.  Unfortunately, choosing a Prefix of either 
'vmf' or 'sxu' requires that this request wait for the approval of RFC 
4646bis, which will support ISO 639-3-based subtags like these, and RFC 
4646bis is *still* caught up in the same cycle of endless debate and 
delay as it was a year ago.

Each time a new reviewer brings up a minor or previously discussed 
topic, we spend weeks debating it, taking straw polls, waiting for the 
revised text to be fine-tuned, and sometimes just waiting for days or 
weeks for no apparent reason.  At this moment, there are discussions 
about deleting a single "unnecessary" reference (spotted by an outside 
reviewer) that had existed in predecessor documents for 8 years without 
controversy.  Even though the document has long since cleared Working 
Group Last Call and IETF Last Call, these cycles of delay continue.

Meanwhile, users like you who are simply waiting for ISO 639-3 code 
elements to become available have no choice but to continue waiting.  I 
was one of the people who assured you last year that we would surely be 
done by the end of 2008, and I apologize for that.  At this rate I can't 
even promise 2009.

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