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2009/5/26 CE Whitehead <cewcathar at>:
> but so far no one's
> request for a subtag has been forgotten and decisions can be appealed to
> ietf!

Btw..., what is about my request on Erzgebirgisch of (IIRC) March
2008? I didn't hear about it for quite a while... I actually do want
it to be tagged to [vmf] because that's the linguistic affiliation and
for those who know both varieties and also [sxu], it's obvious anyway.
;o) There is now a nice web page on varieties in Bavaria by the State
Library of Bavaria ( ).
Erzgebirgisch is of course not on their map, because its area doesn't
extend into Bavaria, but it matches those in the north/northeast
(which are vmf) nearly completely.

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