Putting myself back in line

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Mar 21 18:47:24 CET 2009

On 21 Mar 2009, at 16:31, Doug Ewell wrote:

> In private correspondence, I've been challenged for stating my opinion
> that adding Comments fields to the Registry to the effect that
> (a) users should not use subtag X, or
> (b) subtag X represents a "strange" or "disputed" grouping
> is outside the authority or scope of this list.  It was pointed out to
> me that RFC 4646 says ietf-languages can add Comments fields to any
> subtag record.

Sure, but you are entitled to your opinion about it.

> Section 3.1 says, "Comments contains additional information about the
> subtag, as deemed appropriate for understanding the registry and
> implementing language tags using the subtag or tag."  This clearly  
> does
> not exclude such "value judgment" comments as the ones discussed in
> recent weeks.


> I am also not an alternate Reviewer, charged with making the same  
> types of technical decisions that Michael is charged with making.   
> My role is basically to serve as a clerical drone, helping the  
> Reviewer watch deadlines and putting together proposal forms and such.

Nevertheless I value your views, just as I value the views of many of  
the people who post to this list.

> As such, I acknowledge that I've overstepped my bounds, and I  
> promise to
> refrain in the future from any attempts to regulate what the list  
> should
> discuss, though I will continue to express personal opposition (no  
> hats
> on) to proposals that I personally oppose.

I don't recall you regulating anything, but suffice it to say that in  
my view you may express any opinion you like... though you may wish to  
add a disclaimer. As Clerical Drone, you do keep some things in mind  
which I tend not to, for instance, because I tend to be interested in  
linguistic content rather than Clerking.


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