NOMS DE PAYS HISTORIQUES: Proposal to remove Preferred-Value field for region YU in LTRU

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Dear John Cowan, 
Dear CE Whitehead,
Dear Stephane Bortzmeyer,

1-AFNOR's  experimental standard XP Z 44-002 code elements are alpha-5 code elements, not alpha-4.
2-You can see from the today's joint extract of AFNOR's Internet site that this standard is a perfectly valid one, without any possible doubt.

Gérard LANG

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CE Whitehead scripsit:  

> (I had gotten the impression that ietf was not interested in any 
> historic names other than those which got deprecated during the 
> lifetime of ietf

More precisely: since March 1995, the promulgation date of RFC 1776, which is the original language-tag RFC.

> I thought that instead variant subtags were registered to identify 
> language varieties associated with ancient countries

Region subtags, as I have said, are just a special case of variant subtags.  We use them because we always have, because we can, and because they're there.

> . . . ??where are the codes that Gerard mentions for countries from
> 1815 to the present--I only see ISO 3166

Since the AFNOR standard is abandoned, we aren't likely to use it.
In any case, its 4-letter codes conflict with script codes.

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