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John Cowan cowan at
Thu Jun 18 20:20:03 CEST 2009

Lang Gérard scripsit:

> And, for me, the answer is clearly given by the title of the ISO 639
> series that is "Code for the representation of NAMES of languages".

Clearly that does not correspond with the practice of ISO 639/RA-JAC.
Otherwise, we'd have a code element for "English", another code element
for "Anglais", another for "Englisch", another for "gliban.", and so on
through the world's 7000+ languages.

> So that the coded entries of ISO 639 should be NAMES of LANGUAGES
> (ideally the language's autonym, that is the name given by the
> considered named language inside this considered language; so that there
> should ideally be only one language name for every entry of ISO 639,
> because this entry is exactly this name that is being coded). 

So you are proposing that because Ainu (Japan) and Ainu (China), two
unrelated languages, share a name, they should also share a code?

It's time to put the "names of languages" canard to rest once and for all.
There may be a case that ISO 3166 encodes names of countries, but no
case at all for ISO 639.

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