Valencian Language Tag registration request

Victor vmbenet at
Thu Jun 18 09:07:14 CEST 2009

The main reason to request the language tag is the identity the user's
have about the language.

While the differences between the varieties spoken in Catalonia and
Valencia are several, such us verb ending in past forms, pronunciation
of 'u', 'x' 'tg' tj' and several others as well as differences in
vocabulary, but the main argument could be that the name "Catalan" in
the Valencian region may cause rejection to some users and big
conflicts between regions and users.

Some other languages, like those varieties of Catalan spoken on the
Balearic Islands are having now this identity conflict of rejecting
the name "Catalan". I should add that the differences between the
varieties spoken in the Balearic Islands are deeper compared to those
spoken in Cataluña and Valencia.

Another main reason to request the tag is law. Valencian is recogniced
as the language spoken in the Valencian region at its own law, at the
Spanish national law and of course, at the European law which all
consider it to be a language by itself.

Victor Benet.

PS. Thanks for all the feedback is being very possitive.

2009/6/17 John Cowan <cowan at>:
> CE Whitehead scripsit:
>> Hi!  My main question at this point is whether or not we need a matching
>> variant subtag for the variety of this language spoken in Catalona (so
>> as not to have it appear that Valencian is a sub-dialect of Catalan,
>> but instead to treat these as two equal dialects/variants, with none
>> being the default dialect/variant).
> If you think such a thing is necessary, propose it so we can discuss
> it properly.
>> To me these are both dialects related to Occitan but these have picked
>> up some Spanish vocabulary, which distinguishes them from Occitan
>> (which has in its turned picked up some French vocabulary).
> Occitan and Catalan are to be sure closely related, but they are not
> mutually intelligible, except perhaps in border dialects.  Furthermore,
> Catalonia recognizes the languages as distinct and official.
> Occitan, however, lacks a standard form.
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