Governing document transition (Re: Proposed new records and reg forms for ISO 15924 changes)

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Sat Jul 4 23:02:37 CEST 2009

Doug Ewell wrote:
>  We 
> have no idea how long the RFC Editor will take to publish the revised
> spec.

IIRC, when RFC 4646 was approved, this list, and the Language Subtag
started operating according to what became RFC 4646 (then known as 3066bis)
as soon as IANA had installed the Language Subtag Registry and a Language
Reviewer had been appointed (I'm not sure reappointment is needed now).
We did not wait for the RFC editor to publish RFC 4646. The approval,
and technical installation (of spec., reviewer, and registry) sufficed then
(again IIRC).
Would that not suffice now?

:   The Language Subtag Reviewer is appointed by the IESG for an
:   indefinite term, subject to removal or replacement at the IESG's
:   discretion.  The IESG will solicit nominees for the position (upon
:   adoption of this document or upon a vacancy) and then solicit

But, does the reviewer need to be formally reappointed at this time?

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