Lower Saxon as a group

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Mon Feb 23 18:05:06 CET 2009

John, thanks for your reply on this; so all Germanic languages have codes now in RFC 4645? 


So [gme], [gmq], [gmw] are codes for indicating several languages?  What happend to [gem], which I was told was to indicate languages without codes (for example, [sxu] did not have a code till this update)?


I agree with John that the tree is not very good for the Germanic languages though I am not the expert on these [some pronunciations are shared between North Germanic, Dutch, and English, & I find the families as set up by the tree a bit confusing]; but we don't need the tree so much at ietf; just the codes--& if the families/codes are not correct then this is not dealt with here is it anyway?



CE Whitehead cewcathar at hotmail.com 
Sun Feb 22 23:28:30 CET 2009 

> Hi, John, Anthony, thanks for the info: my question is are these new Germanic codes ([gem], [gm], [gmq]) still
Should be [gme], [gmw], [gmq]
(either I typed too quickly or my email got butchered; sorry; I've tried twice to type these codes correctly; this is my third try)


--C. E. Whitehead

cewcathar at hotmail.com

> used in the way [gem] is used, that is, to indicate languages not already assigned codes? 


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