Criteria for languages?

Phillips, Addison addison at
Wed Dec 2 18:22:47 CET 2009

> "lvs" is the only option.  Only the seven macrolanguages 'ar',
> 'kok',
> 'ms', 'sw', 'uz', and 'zh', plus the pseudo-macrolanguage 'sgn',
> are
> allowed to be prefixes for extlang tags, per Section 3.4, rule
> 12.C.2.
>             2.  'Extlang' records SHOULD NOT be created for
> languages if
>                 other languages encompassed by the macrolanguage do
> not
>                 also include 'extlang' records.  For example, if a
> new
>                 Serbo-Croatian ('sh') language were registered, it
> would
>                 not get an extlang record because other languages
>                 encompassed, such as Serbian ('sr'), do not include
> one
>                 in the registry.

As noted in my other message, I'm not sure you can conclude that this rule applies. Currently, none of the encompassed languages of Latvian are registered (their macrolanguage is registered, but not *as* a macrolanguage). If we add them to the registry as primary (but not extlang) records, 12.C.2 forecloses adding extlangs in the future. But not until then, I think.


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