Adding variant subtags 'aluku' and 'nduyka' and 'pamaka'fordialects

Michael Everson everson at
Sun Aug 23 12:48:52 CEST 2009

On 23 Aug 2009, at 02:32, Phillips, Addison wrote:

>> and that I file a change request to ISO-639-3 to have the language
>> itself called "busi nenge". Is that so?
> Michael Everson (the Language Subtag Reviewer) needs to determine  
> whether there is both consensus and whether the registration is thus  
> justified, when the two week review period has ended. That will  
> occur on the 28th of August, I believe.

In terms of nomenclature and minimization of effort I would be happier  
if the requester would deal with the ISO 639-3 matter first, and then  
return here to ask for the three dialect subtags after the ISO 639-3  
matter had been resolved.

Michael Everson *

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