Adding variant subtag 'erzgeb' for Erzgebirgisch (was: Requests that have been on hold)

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Sun Aug 9 23:42:21 CEST 2009

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Sun Aug 9 07:26:13 CEST 2009 

> Now that we have access to the full RFC 4646bis Registry, with its ISO > 639-3-based subtags, it's probably a good time to go back and review the > various proposals that have been discussed, but put on hold until the > new Registry took effect.

> This would include at least the following proposals:
> 1. Adding variant subtag 'erzgeb' for Erzgebirgisch, originally with a
> Prefix of "de" or "gem" or "sxu", or most recently "vmf"

Which prefixes does Thomas want now for 'erzgeb,' [sxu], or [vmf], or both? (in the last case, is this then a sub-branch of two dialects, which I thought it was not, but I'm not a person who thinks languages descend in linear fashon from parents as the trees suggest, anyway.) Ethnologue has its family as East Middle German (like that of [sxu]):, why is the added date for [vmf] (and other new subtags) appear as:Added: 2029-09-09
???(I'm sorry I am new at this; it does not look right but I am sure it is me.)

> depending on 
> when the proposal was discussed.  Proposed by Thomas Goldammer in 

> January 2008 and brought up several times since then.



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