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My apologies if my earlierr email sounded like a criticism of not subsuming Tongyong Pinyin under the subtag [pinyin].From: cewcathar at hotmail.comDate: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 11:03:35 -0400> > > > This is not my area of expertise and I am happy enough with Michael Everson's proposal excluding Tongyong Pinyin since this solves the problem of distinguishing to two--this is the most convenient solution I guess> (whether or not it is the best grouping of the Pinyins I cannot say).
Michael Everson's proposal is really fine with me if Tongyong Pinyin is really an attempt to revise the Pinyin orthography rather than just a minor rehashing of it; Tongyong Pinyin does not come from the People's Republic of China, so we can differentiate it I guess.  As I said, I'm not expert enough to decide this.
I do not want to keep this proposal from going forward. 
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