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Mon Sep 29 19:37:55 CEST 2008

On 29 Sep 2008, at 18:18, John Cowan wrote:

> Michael Everson scripsit:
>> Unyes, kemmyn, amendys (which is really unys amendys),
> These three sound good.
>> and standard?
> This one, not so much (it's like "western").  How about for SWF
> something based on "single" and for SWF Modified something based
> on "modified"?

The name of Kernowek Standard is Kernowek Standard. In for a penny?

As I say, the abbreviations uc/ku, ucr/kua, kk, and ks are widely  
known by the community which will make use of these subtags. That is  
why I took 639-2 "cor" and added these abbreviations to it.

uccor/kucor, ucrcor/urcor/kuacor/kacor, kkcor, kscor could be  
countenanced on the same logic.

Michael Everson *

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