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Hi -

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> The guiding principle in forming language tags is to "tag content wisely."
> Wisdom, of course takes different forms, but 'km', 'es', and 'pqm' are
> almost certainly better tag choices than ones that include dubious region
> subtags if one is not familiar enough to know if a regional distinction applies
> (or not).

So, returning to the topic of this thread, are we confident that Mandarin as
spoken (and consequently rendered into Pinyin) in Taiwan is and shall remain
indistinguishable from that spoken in other regions where Mandarin is spoken?
I'd hate to end up in a situation where someone needs to indicate "this is
Taiwanese usage of Mandarin rendered in Hanyu Pinyin" but our tagging
structure only lets them (incorrectly) say "this is Tongyong Pinyin."


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