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On 23 Sep 2008, at 18:36, Phillips, Addison wrote:

> You can approve or reject a given request. However, if you modify  
> someone else’s request, you should probably grant that person or  
> persons the opportunity to respond. Those people’s names appear on  
> the record, as yours does not.

Fair enough, of course.

> If they don’t approve, you can reject their request as inadequate,  
> citing reasons and saying what you would approve. The RFC provides  
> for and allows them to modify their request following a rejection to  
> gain your approval.

At this point I consider any of the alternatives to 1959acad to be  
inadequate, precisely because they refer solely to an institution  
rather than to an orthography.

> Personally, I am somewhat horrified by the idea that a requester  
> might vehemently object to an “edited” version of their request and  
> that the result might be registered with their name on it. Of  
> course, anyone else, including you, Michael, may submit and get  
> registered a subtag that the original requester disagrees with. You  
> don’t have to register “just anything” and you don’t have to approve  
> Mark and Ihar’s request. But your alternative is not to ignore their  
> protests and press ahead. It is to reject their application.

If Mark and Ihar are OK with the revision I have proposed, we can go  
ahead with it with their names on it. If they don't want that, perhaps  
Yury or I or both of us will sponsor it.

I am rejecting "acade" and "academ" and "akademia" because they are  
too generic.

Michael Everson *

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