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On 23 Sep 2008, at 10:44, Tracey, Niall wrote:

> OK, so if it's not -tarask it's going to be (close to) one of the  
> academy's forms, but you're spinning this one rather heavily. Mark  
> wants a closed set of very closely related variants to be explicitly  
> marked as a family.

And 1959acad will do that. And I am proposing a registration form will  
specify that it covers (at least) 1933, 1959, 1985 revisions. Once  
again, I have rejected a purely institutional name here. Please recall  
that Yury said:

>> The academic norm is referenced as *the* "literary norm [with no  
>> further qualification] which is conforming to the ruleset  
>> introduced in 1959". That's what the "simple people" learn.

> Now I ask you -- if we go to the point of classifying to a  
> particular edition of the rule book, what do we do if someone breaks  
> the rules? How many spelling mistakes do we have to make to not be  
> using that language/variant?

It's not rule-breaking, but rule-setting, that is at question here. In  
any case I hope very much that the compromise will prove satisfactory.

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